Weekend Technology Clubs

What are you doing with your Saturday mornings?

Get out of the house, make new friends and learn some fresh skills whilst having a ton of fun. Our hands on and creative technical sessions are running on Saturday mornings for anyone ages 8 – 13 in the West Midlands area.

Get hands on and get technical?

At ComputerXplorers we love all things techy and encourage young people to get stuck in and try new things in a fun and supported environment. Our expert tutors will support and nurture children as they explore how to code their own video game, program a robot, be a producer of their own movie, design their dream house in 3D or create their own soundtracks.

Come and Join Us.

We offer something for everyone, those who are new to technology and those who want to create the next big thing.

Check out details below for the courses we’re running this half term and details on how to book your place.


Technology Club @ Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls

DATES: 23/6/18 – 14/7/18 (FOUR Weeks)

TIMES: 09:30 - 11:00am

COST: £54

Our Saturday morning technology club is open to all children aged 8-13, regardless of experience. Our friendly tutors are there to help and support across all abilities.

This half term children can explore any of the following:

Stop Motion Animation

A firm favourite from our after school clubs. In our Movie Zone children will become Directors and Producers. Using digital movie cameras and specialist software we'll master ‘stop motion animation’ techniques and audio & video digital editing to create their own blockbuster movie. We'll also use Chroma Key (green screen) software so our movie location is anywhere on this planet - or even beyond. Lights, Camera, Action!!!

Robotics: programming with Edison Robots

Edison is our preferred robotics platform. It works on several programming languages, from barcode scanners and simple block editors (similar to Scratch) right through to Python! (Python is the coding langhuage behind many of the worlds biggest websites. YouTube and Facebook both use it for their platform)

Use the expansion packs to create some amazing robotic models then use Lego to personalise these and bring them to life.

Image of Edison Robo Claw

Video Game Creation with Kodu

We have a load of XBox controllers and a graphic programming language designed specifically for students, allowing them to create and code personalised and unique video games. Create games that actually look like games should. This is a great introductory coding software that is sure to be lots of fun!

We are Official Kodu trainers for schools and a Microsoft Partner in Learning


There will always be additonal exciting technology to explore.

With virtual reality, green screens and even some augmented reality plus more surprises. We want to engage children with lots of forms of technology for learning as well as for fun!

What else we do...